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Ending Concurrent sentencing

Another law we could not understand and when we heard it almost took our breath away. Two young men lost their lives that night in a home invasion, the accused would be convicted of  double homicide but by Canadian law would serve the sentence concurrently. That translates to no matter what a criminal does they will only serve the greatest amount of time for one of the most serious crimes. In our case several laws were broken, home invasion, carrying a lethal weapon, destroying evidence etc etc and taking two lives. But he would only serve time for one murder because he would serve his sentence for everything at the same time. Surely people intelligent enough to be lawyers and judges and rule makers must understand that concurrent sentences increase danger to all Canadian citizens. Criminals know about the laws, they understand if they walk into a room and take one life there is no deterrent to walk away and leave anyone unharmed. As the police involved in our case explained , its a BOGO. Any shopper will know thats a buy one get one and how our justice system was handling cases.

But in 2012 a Bill was passed by the conservative government asking for consecutive sentiences (serving one after the other and that decision would lay with the judge in each individual case) instead of concurrent sentencing. It almost feels as if our arguments were being noticed.

Bill C-48 This Act may be cited as the Protecting Canadians by Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Murders Act.

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