Live like you were dyin'


Music speaks to the heart, sometimes by-passes the head and whispers directly to the soul.images

Music is salve to a hurting heart. It soothes loneliness and despair. It let’s you know someone else has fought depression and grief. It understands heart ache yet at the same time it gives hope. The following songs all seemed to have a special meaning to me. They almost spoke to me. I am not trying to imply they were written just for me by God, I know otherwise. (Although I am sure many songs inspired by God have been written.)  I do wholeheartedly believe, the moments I turned on the radio to hear news and heard songs instead were extremely coincidental. The times my curiosity was piqued by a new song and a coincidence that I heard each song when I needed it most. Since I no longer believe in coincidence, those moments, could very definitely be influenced by God. Janice Sampson 

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