Live like you were dyin'

The Fund

Tyler loved animals, birds, lizards. FeedingAnimalsFeedAnimals2

He brought home salamanders, toads, snakes, an iguana someone found in a Halifax bush. Some injured animals he would bring home, feed and protect until he felt they were healthy enough to release. My poor mother and mother-in-law were not happy with the resident injured snakes. The orphan baby duck and a crow with an injured wing were beyond his expertise so we took them to our wonderful vet who also loved wildlife. She took on his rescues. He owned dogs and cats and ducks and rabbits and birds. Animals seemed to love him back, almost understanding he would not hurt them. As an adult he treated his dog like it was his child. Ty would be very happy to know his fund is giving to aid animals and wildlife and nature.

See how one goal of the fund supports Ty’s love of animals……

 EPSON scanner image

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