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Hope for Wildlife

The mission of the Hope for Wildlife Society comprises three important goals:

1. Rehabilitation and release into the wild of injured and orphaned wildlife

Since 1997, the Hope for Wildlife Society has helped over 20,000 injured and orphaned wild animals representing over 250 species. Animals admitted to the Hope for Wildlife Society receive medical care, food, shelter, and whatever else is needed to ensure a successful return to the wild.

2. Education of our children and the general public regarding the importance of conservation of various wildlife species and the ecosystems that sustain them.

Whether it is answer one of 10,000 annual calls to the wildlife helpline, speaking to a group of children in the classroom or educating visitors about the wildlife and habitats of Nova Scotia, education plays a key role in the Society’s work. Check out the Visit HFW link for more information.

3. Research to develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for conservation and management of wildlife resources in a complex and continually changing biological, social and political environment.

Wildlife rehabilitation is an important conservation tool which allows for the collection of various data from animals admitted to the centre. This data can provide valuable insight into the health of local populations. The animals themselves also offer opportunities to research and learn about the care and protection of various species.

Tyler would be very pleased to know the fund gives regularly to this worthwhile organization. We have an incredible amount of respect for Hope and her volunteers, employees and everyone who contribute to Hope for wildlife. If you watch the earlier airing of the “Hope for Wildlife” show you will see us giving our first small cheque to Hope battling tears all the while filmed by the young cameraman, who knew Tyler and a close friend of our family. It is certainly a ‘coincidence’  that we would choose to give to a cause which Doug was going to film. If you visit check the tree of donors and you will see Tyler’s name or go for a walk and sit reflectively in a quiet spot near a marker that bears his name. We wish we could ‘raise the roof’ in donations in memory of Tyler and to build them a new barn! 

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