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Why Me Lord


Webster’s Dictionary: The occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection

Note: Coincidences have been many and varied ever since 2005 and before, I can maybe look at one or two of the events and explain them away. But I cannot look back on the whole without being awed by the amount of strange events which happened. I can attest with all my heart, maybe sometimes in conflict with my intelligence, that not all could have been simple coincidence. As I stand today I firmly believe there is no such thing as a coincidence. It is simply man’s logical mind trying to compartment God’s interventions. There have been subtle and incredible and so many that I personally no longer believe there is such a thing as a true coincidence….Janice Sampson

Although it’s not easy to remember when grieving, I urge you to always carry a camera and note pad, when you have lost someone, you will likely experience your own ‘coincidences’.

After August 2005 happened my daughter stayed home with me as long as she could.  She was living in Montreal and working in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Even after she had to return to work she would fly home as often as her job allowed.  While she was home she would walk the dogs with me so I wouldn’t be alone in the woods. On one of these occasions, Tyler’s boss and friend to both Cindy and Tyler accompanied us and we were all hurting. The shock was wearing off and we were living day to day. I call it the time of the walking dead. We walked the route from the house past fields and trees, into the woods and down trails to the stream, where the dogs could run free. Half way along, as we talked alternately of Tyler and then insert another subject trying to distract from the searing pain, I noticed a couple of butterflies. As we walked deeper into the woods, the butterflies flitted closer and closer and there were more and more. We all noticed and remarked on them flying around us. Suddenly the forest was alive with the delicate flutter of those linen white butterflies. Cindy’s statement echoed exactly my thoughts, “it looks just like the Disney shows we used to watch.” It was a moment of joy in a heart wrenching time. You have to question. I have often walked through the woods with my father and family as a child. Often with my friends, many times with my children and daily with the dogs, I had never seen a phenomenon such as we experienced that day. It was quite a coincidence that the three of us were hurting so bad and experienced such a sight to cheer us just a little.




Thousands of linen coloured moths like these, flying in the trees and bushes around us









At the Beach


Looks like the ‘flying fish’- 3-4 inches long and a little more blue….

August and September 2005 was a summer of sun and warm beaches. We realized we couldn’t lie in bed everyday crying and the lonely house was sometimes too much too bare, we sought solace with friends and family. One day we drove the short distance to Queensland Beach for company and just a break from our grief. My sister, niece, nephew, Cindy and several friends were there. Our hearts were all breaking but we tried to act normal, to take advantage of the abnormally warm ocean water and swim and sit int he sand. Tyler and Cindy grew up at the beach. We spent the most part of all our summers at the sea shore. Making sand castles, running races, swimming, collecting shells and pretty rocks and smoothed glass pieces or just walking in the warm sand. When Ty was young he didn’t especially like the seaweed but he loved to collect crabs. Cindy didn’t mind the seaweed and would sometimes drape it over his head to tease and he would chase her with a crab. Sometimes if we were alone on the beach they’d splash one another. We were all together sitting in the sand after swimming when suddenly a green fish dropped from the sky, hitting Cindy and landing at her feet. It was a tropical fish about 4 inches long. We live on the Atlantic, we do not have green tropical fish in our waters nor do fish fly! We were all stunned into silence. Then my devastated daughter started to laugh with the absurdity.Soon we were all laughing and searching the skies to see what had dropped our special surprise. They scooped up the strange fish and ran him to the water trying to save his life but I’m not sure that was successful. Maybe whatever prey had carried him too long in their beaks. But what a coincidence that a never seen in our waters, green tropical fish, dropped at Cindy’s feet, when there were a whole beach full of people.


sept 09 179

A large wave breaking over Queensland Beach

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