Live like you were dyin'


Still a member of St. Margaret’s Bay Baptist Church and sporadically attending, I was easing intoThe Sunday morning service routine. I attended several churches in the area. Somewhere there were very happy churches filled to capacity singing and praising God. I was drawn to those happy churches because it is physically exhausting sitting in a service trying to hold back tears. If you ever get a chance to go, you should attend Emmanuel Baptist Church. You will laugh, you may cry, you’ll be invited to dance and sing and you’ll be mesmerized by the energy and Christian zeal of pastor Anderson. But you will be hungry, eat an ample breakfast and get comfortable in your seat. Grieving is a very misunderstood process. At times I hid from people, yet craved company. I needed to be alone to lick my wounds and cry while at the same time feeling abandoned and alone. It was one of those Sunday mornings, my daughter in Québec at the time and I went in search of a lively church Full of worshipers. The moment I walked into Emmanuel Baptist, warm arms were enveloping me in a hearty welcome. That was the service based on Habakkuk. We attended there for a time; visited the church where our previous kind hearted pastor was preaching; occasionally dropped into the church where the funeral services were held but finally finding a home at Cornerstone Weslyan church in Hammond Plains Nova Scotia. I have attended great services, met exceptional preachers and staff and met wonderful people in my church hopping. Pastor Guptill  at Cornerstone is certainly one of the most inspirational speakers and biblical storytellers you will ever hear. The people on the staff are wonderful. But holidays, mother’s Day, and every once in a while just sunny days or exceptionally gloomy days still hurt with the same intensity they did back in 2005. I was dreading Easter the first year I attended cornerstone. Good Friday was sad, I was still reeling with my own sad. But When I saw this video displayed on the big screen in front of the church, I realized the greatest mother this world has ever known, knew how I felt. Mary had experienced the loss of losing Jesus she had to stand and watch him die.  Her experience gave me courage and as I watched this video, I of course cried for Mary and for me but found peace in knowing if I have the privilege to meet Mary she of anyone will understand.easter-wallpapers-2

Hear “New again” for Easter or anytime.

by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans

Mother, do not cry for me
All of this is exactly how it’s supposed to be

I’m right here. Can you hear my voice?
My life, my love, my Lord my baby boy

As they nail me to this tree
Just know the Father waits for me

God how can this be your will?
To have your son and my son killed?

Whatever happens, whatever you see,
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not
Not the end
I am making all things new again

I remember when you were born
In that manger where I first held
You in my arms
So many miracles and lives you’ve changed
And this world repays you how?
With all this pain

Whatever happens (Whatever happens)
whatever you see(I don’t wanna see)
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not
Not the end
I am making all things new again.

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